Makers House

Our exhibition was open for a week following the September show. The inspiration and craft behind the collection was celebrated in partnership with The New Craftsmen.

Thomas’s Cafe

A pop-up of our all-day dining destination at 121 Regent Street served fare inspired by the menu at Thomas’s

A series of rooms inspired by Nancy Lancaster’s interiors, referencing prints from the collection

Meet the Makers

Our partner, The New Craftsmen, curated some of the most talented artists, designers and creators who are dedicated to producing the best of British culture, artefacts and craft methods.

The Burberry archivists

The Burberry archivists

The team took a journey through pivotal themes from Burberry’s history, including its British military heritage, the dressing of pioneering aviators and polar explorers and its dedication to craftsmanship.
“Our exciting collaboration with The New Craftsmen nods to both the design heritage that is so integral to Burberry and to some of Britain’s most exciting creators and their work.”

Christopher Bailey

Explore Instagram content from our VIP show guests, created in The Studio at Makers House

"To be trusted with bringing Christopher’s vision to life displays a recognition from both companies of the importance of craft, materiality, process and people."

Natalie Melton, The New Craftsmen